When someone visits to your website, it takes them less than a few seconds to determine whether to stay or leave. They make a preliminary judgment based on the site’s general appearance and do not necessarily read the text. A professional web design company like Odd4 Web Agency is always the better alternative for you if you want to generate traffic to your site and hence grow your business. When less people leave your website on the first page land it lowers your “bounce rate”. A lower bounce rate gets rewarded by google and helps with SEO.


Your website’s general appearance

To explain the difference between having a website professionally made for you and creating one yourself, think of somebody’s trying to tattoo(for the first time) a piece of art on themselves rather than going to the professional tattoo artist. One of the most obvious aspects of your business is your website. Because it is such an important aspect of your business, it is ideal to treat it as such and display it as your company’s flagship. It has to make a strong first impression.


Better site design = More revenue

Good web design gives customers confidence that your organization has invested time, effort, and money into creating a good website, and that you will do the same for the product or service you are offering. This is when the advantages of hiring a professional web design firm over utilizing a template or off-the-shelf software become apparent. Odd4 Agency can customize the website to meet the demands of your clients and the services you supply. A well-designed website provides a pleasant shopping experience for customers, resulting in increased sales.


Time savings that are beneficial

With a professional website design, you can spend your time on other elements of your business rather than learning new code or attempting to fix something that isn’t functioning. We’ve all wasted hours attempting to solve something we don’t understand when an expert would do it in a fraction of the time. If the site is well-designed, the only time it will need to be updated is when your firm expands.